• Skills Pills

Read Matthews International is excited to announce the new Skills Pills Series, a brand-new range of dynamic mini-workshops designed to boost performance in three core competencies: Getting Results, Managing Yourself and Managing Teams.

Each Skills Pill Series offers a choice of focused themes allowing flexible and targeted learning to meet your development needs. With each activity-based workshop lasting just four hours, our new Skills Pills allow you to fit your learning more easily into your busy schedule. And as always, all delivered in our practical and interactive style and in English or Spanish!

Getting Results

Knowing how to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively is a crucial business skill. This dynamic workshop teaches participants to structure their messages and get them across in a faster, easier and more powerful manner.

As the business world becomes ever more complex, we are faced with ever more challenging problems. This interactive session gives participants a practical four-step approach to tackle and solve different work-related problems.

We spend much of our time at work making decisions. And yet, even though business success is largely determined by the choices we make, few of us are trained in decision-making skills. This session fills this gap by providing participants a practical and flexible toolkit for making better decisions.

Meetings and conference calls are important – business people can spend up to 60% of their time in them. They should be a powerful way of getting things done, but too often are a waste of valuable time and a source of frustration. This dynamic session aims to put meetings and calls back on track so that they are productive, effective and engaging.

Managing Yourself

Proactive people have a positive attitude, prepared to leave their comfort zone and actively seek out opportunities to solve problems and drive change. This innovative workshop focuses on key attitudes and Best Practices to adopt a proactive attitude, and as a result, greater personal and professional growth.

The business world can be challenging for those who find it difficult to voice their ideas, defend their views or set limits. This practical session teaches participants tried and tested techniques to adopt more assertive behaviours and feel more comfortable and confident in everyday business.

The pace and demands of today’s business world can cause professionals to lose energy, focus and motivation. This highly-practical workshop focuses on the basic principles and core attitudes of Mindfulness and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives. Participants will learn powerful tools to calm the mind, increase awareness and improve effectiveness.

No one has more than 24 hours in a day, yet some people seem to take full advantage of their time while others get easily side-tracked. This interactive session will improve participants’ productivity by examining the core concepts of effective time management, self-motivation and setting limits.

Managing Teams

Managers need to set and communicate achievable objectives to their teams. And they need to discuss with team members how they are performing with respect to these goals. This session equips participants with the valuable skills they need to identify challenging and motivating targets for their teams and deliver feedback in a timely and constructive manner.

The ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues from other cultures is fast-becoming an essential skill in today’s globalized business world. This session helps participants deepen cross-cultural understanding, build stronger relationships and work more effectively in an international context.

Remote teams have become the order of the day in many companies today. But for these teams to be successful, team leaders need to make sure all members feel connected and engaged. This practical session equips participants with the tools to build and maintain effective and motivated remote teams.