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Cat got your tongue

The other day we lost our Internet connection. At first my son thought it was a problem with his computer, so he ran out of his bedroom and tried the computer in my office. No connection working there either. ‘It’s not your computer. The Internet is down’, I shouted from the kitchen. In a panic, […]

Follow the leader

On 13 January 1982 Air Florida Flight 90 from Washington D.C. to Fort Lauderdale crashed into the Potomac river, killing 74 people.  As often occurs in airplane crashes, human error played a major part in this avoidable disaster: in this case, poor communication between Captain Larry Wheaton and his First Officer Roger Pettit. Crash investigators […]

Come fly with me

Life is one long negotiation. You are a highly experienced negotiator. You negotiate at home with your spouse, at work with your colleagues and in shops with sales assistants – and you do it every day. The goal of most negotiations is to obtain something you want. But how you achieve this depends on the […]

Cruel to be kind

Every evening the owner of the restaurant asked me and the rest of the regulars: ‘How was your meal?’ And despite the slow service, cold food and mistaken orders, every evening we lied and replied: ‘Very good, thank you.’ When the restaurant went out of business at the end of the year, the owner was […]

Short and sweet

Most politicians talk too much. But not the 30th president of the United States. Calvin Coolidge, president from 1923 to 1929, was known as Silent Cal. Coolidge’s reputation for brevity was well-deserved. A woman once came up to him and said: ‘Mr. President, I bet my husband that I could get you to say more […]

No Funny Business

When was the last time you actually listened to the flight safety announcement as your plane was waiting to take off? Why listen, right? You’ve heard it hundreds of times and it’s always the same. Not on Southwest Airline it isn’t! Check this out… Southwest Airlines is a US carrier that specializes in humour. Its […]

Where’s my pony?

Former US president Ronald Reagan was famous for his sense of humour. One of his favourite stories concerned two little boys and a pony. The boys were twins, but had radically different personalities. One was a total optimist, while the other was a total pessimist. Their parents became so concerned by this that they took […]

Return to the future

Aristotle has all the answers. Want to learn about logic, politics, ethics, philosophy or biology? Read Aristotle – he knows. But what about more mundane matters? Can he help us with our everyday problems at home and at work? Of course, Aristotle has all the answers! Take, for example, conflict resolution. Aristotle tells us that […]


My son has trouble remembering things.   Me: Bryan, do you have any homework this weekend? Bryan: Homework? Me: Yeah, you know, schoolwork you do at home. So, have you got any? Bryan: I’m not sure. I don’t remember what the teacher said. Me: How many times have I told you to note down your […]